New Patio Pots – DIY or Buy?

Over the weekend I had a super ambitious plant to DIY my own fiberglass pots. I spent hours on Google, searching for how to’s (there are surprisingly few specific to making planters) and watching YouTube videos on how to fiberglass. I even bought the resin, fiberglass mat, and 2 cans of spray paint. Total cost?

Over $70!

And that would not have been the full cost, because I still needed some sort of frame work or mold to fiberglass over.

So I gave my head a shake and went to Wal-Mart. Where I bought four 20″ chocolate brown plastic planters for $9.96 each. At that price, I’m left to wonder if it was even worthwhile to spray paint my patio pots last year – a can of spray paint is $7.96. Spray Painted Patio Pots - FlakingSure it made my pots look great last year, but it only lasted for one season.

Author: Vanessa D.

Thirteen years ago, I was newly separated with a leaky faucet. I bought a new cartridge and came home to turn off the water while asking myself "What's the worst that could happen?" and got started. The worst that has ever happened is I've accidentally reversed the hot & cold and had to turn the water back off to fix it. Since then I've taught myself how to do as much as I can, because waiting for Prince Charming is not an option. I'm not so great at relationships, but I can handle this single thing and so can you.