Ten Things of Thankful, June 5th!

How amazing is it that it’s already June?

Happy #1)

Air conditioning for when it’s needed and lots of big windows with good screens for when it isn’t. The weather this week was a bit up and down, a couple of hot, humid still days when I am so grateful I have air conditioning. I grew up without it and at that time there were more households without it than there were with. Today though it’s off, we’ve got nice gusty door slamming breezes happening.

Happy #2)

Did I mention my neighbor from hell has his house up for sale?

Happy #3)

Silly dogs. Louie is a bit of an odd one, with a nose that’s usually dry and sometimes gets so chapped we have to intervene. The only chapsticks I could find were fruity scented ones so there was a brief frenzy of two dogs licking the same nose.

Happy #4)

A new wheelbarrow. My previous one gasped it’s last on a project my oldest was working on last year. With father’s day right around the corner (Dad’s may be hard to buy for, but the sales around their holiday are for way more useful things than the stuff on sale for Mother’s Day.) I managed to get one on sale. Wheelbarrows are not cheap.

Happy #5)

Visits with friends. It’s a simple pleasure, but one I had almost completely abandoned back in the days of the Twat. Now I can almost count on seeing my friends for a gossip and tea every Saturday.

Happy #6)

Two Chairs on a DeckEvenings sitting on my deck. I can’t see the lake from there anymore, but I can still hear the gentle hush of waves coming to shore. I sit out there with my phone and kindle app, but usually I spend more time with my own thoughts than I do reading. It ends up with fewer cigarettes smoked indoors – if only I could come up with a way to make part of the deck covered and screened so I could get even more use from it. A project to think about.

Happy #7)

2016-05-28 17.15.11 2016-06-03 12.33.46 2016-06-03 12.33.55All of my planters are filling in. I’m so happy with the plant choices I’ve made. Next week I have a new garden bed in the works, the grass is already killed off and waiting for a fresh layer of compost.

Happy #8)

Plans, plans and more plans! I’m not sure how many will reach fruition this year but it’s still exciting to have those plans. I’m thinking of a dry creek bed to manage surface water from my neigbor and hopefully divert it around the house. I’m also dreaming of a small potting shed to handle all things garden related and free up some space in our storage shed. It would be lovely to cover a portion of my deck too, even better if I can screen it in too.

Happy #9)

cement barricade with dead end checker-board signFreedom from the anxiety and stress of last summer. It’s also nice that the barricade is moved over against the troublemakers property, so we have the extra parking we need again. It’s so nice to not have to shuffle vehicles around just to leave my driveway.

Happy #10)

Iced Coffee. I’m still not 100% certain the payoff is worth the mess of cold brewing coffee, but it’s nice to have something different and just a little bit special for a Sunday afternoon.

Ten Things of Thankful

Author: Vanessa D.

Thirteen years ago, I was newly separated with a leaky faucet. I bought a new cartridge and came home to turn off the water while asking myself "What's the worst that could happen?" and got started. The worst that has ever happened is I've accidentally reversed the hot & cold and had to turn the water back off to fix it. Since then I've taught myself how to do as much as I can, because waiting for Prince Charming is not an option. I'm not so great at relationships, but I can handle this single thing and so can you.

17 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, June 5th!”

  1. I hope your neighbor sells quick! The flower shots are lovely and yeah for A/C and summer! Except for mosquitoes, of course. My natural product is called Skeeter Beater. I got it at the Lowe’s on the Outer Banks of NC.
    Valerie Newman recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful – ObscureMy Profile

    1. I’m going to keep my eye out for the natural stuff. I don’t mind using the Deep Woods off, but it’s not the nicest smelling stuff.

  2. Oh, I too grew up without air conditioning. I remember nights where that was just awful. Never again.

    Love your back porch – and living near water sounds wonderful.

    Hope the house sells quickly!

    1. We used to set up a tent under the walnut tree for those super hot sticky nights. It was wonderful except for the one time the cat jumped out of the tree to land on top of the tent.

    1. I am really happy with all of my planters this year, and so far this year the deck has been truck part free and I’ve even managed to keep my own coffee cups and what not put where they belong instead of having a collection of them by my chair.

      I really enjoy spending time with my two friends, they’re the best kind of friends where nobody cares if your house is out of sorts or anything.

  3. Oh, Vanessa, your photos are beautiful. I love the blue Adirondack chairs! I’d love to sit there for iced tea…or iced coffee! And on that topic, I gave up trying to ice my own. But I don’t do the cold brew thing – I just take Hub’s awesome coffee and pour it over frozen coffee cubes. Meh. For that, I indulge in Dunkin Donuts or someplace.
    Hope whomever replaces the neighbor from hell is a much better neighbor for you!
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted…#10Thankful – Are We There Yet?My Profile

    1. On the one hand it’s so messy to do the cold brew thing, but on the other hand it seems kind of nice to have something special to drink on a weekend afternoon other than the usual. I bought those chairs last year, and the bright blue still makes me happy.

  4. Ah, your number one is on my list this week too because the weather cooled down enough that I could turn off my AC for a bit. Nice.
    Also, poor dog. I remember, my brother’s guide dog used to get such a raw and scabbed nose. Cream and all sorts of treatments didn’t help much.
    Glad you are still revelling in your neighbour situation.
    Enjoy your week, AC or screen.
    Kerry recently posted…Sunday: Another Sunday – Looking Back, #SongLyricSundayMy Profile

    1. As much as I appreciate having it, I love it when it’s cool enough to turn the A/C off. An air conditioned house is way nicer than a hot muggy sticky one, but it’s still not as nice as having a breeze blowing through.

  5. I grew up without AC but lived in Colorado and there, we had an attic fan for the summer. I’m now in DC area and would melt without AC. I love your flower photos and the idea of a more permanent deck. We’ve been thinking of getting a deck off the kitchen… but lots of work involved including digging up and replacing the brick patio below to be more stable..

  6. Great list, Vanessa. Friends sitting on the deck with coffee, tea, wine or all of the above is delightful. Your flowers look beautiful! I can’t believe we’re already one week gone in June (almost). Summer goes way too fast.
    lisa thomson-The Great Escape… recently posted…Random GratitudeMy Profile

    1. Summer does go by fast anymore. I remember when my boys were younger I used to dread it because child care was always tougher in the summer. Now it seems like it’s over before it gets started.

  7. Beautiful post. Nice that the neighbors you’re not best friends with are moving out. The outdoor project looks exciting.

    1. Well it’s listed anyhow, hard to say how well it will sell given the price he’s asking.

  8. #6 we once lived on the water and the sound nothing like it! never-ending, never-quite-the-same, very (some)thing
    ac funny about that, kinda can’t live without it, but grew (well into ‘adult’hood) without it.
    (but then again, I also grew up with 3 brothers and sisters and a couple of parental units and one…. (yes, you read that correctly!) one bathroom.
    no, I have no idea how that was even possible.
    clark recently posted…TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-My Profile

    1. I still share a single bathroom house with my two boys, there have been times I’ve really considered just using the mop bucket while I’m waiting my turn.

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