Finding My Direction

Find Direction

I have been truly struggling to find my direction this last year. For this blog and for my life in general. It started when the neighbor from hell was trying to do something that would have created a huge dilemma in my household. It continued through what should have been a relatively minor renovation. Here I am a year later and finally I know where I want to go, or rather what I want to work towards.

This Blog

The main idea behind this blog has always been about me encouraging and cheering for every suddenly single woman out there. There are still so many women who are afraid to tackle life without a partner and worse, settling for horrible relationships that are so much less than what they deserve. Being solely responsible for your own life and possibly the life of your children is scary but it is so do-able and I am here rooting for you because I believe you can do it.

Somehow though, I’ve lost my way.

I recently received my renewal notice for blog hosting. Hosting is not free and I’ve done some serious thinking about whether I should continue to self-host or move back to Blogger. I’ve decided on some goals for this blog and if I haven’t reached them over the next year, I will move my content to Blogger where I can blog for free.

This House

Where do I even start? Whether I’m talking about it, working on it, or just trying to clean it I am always asking myself – where do I start. We are busting at the seams in this house. There just isn’t enough room for us and our stuff. I am so sick of purging our stuff and still coming up short on storage space I could puke. We don’t have a basement or a garage and our shed is bursting at the seams too. I’ve considered every possibility to increase our space and sadly not one of them is possible or practical in this house.

Adding to my dilemma is the bathroom that desperately needs to be gutted (this is a one bathroom house), the painting, and the flooring that I have yet to finish installing. Every bit of that is impossible while I’m working from home. I did some work on the house last year and found it way too hard to work from home under those conditions.

To add even more ideas to the mix, I’m suddenly living in a desirable location which makes selling my house even more tempting – especially when the prices for houses in a place just 20 minutes away and far more convenient for all of us are still low.

Which resulted in some very heated discussions here this last week over why I would be a fool to sell this house ‘as is’ and why it is impossible for me to do anything other than that. My head was aching while I explained ‘Blend and Extend’ mortgages and my oldest explained all sorts of complicated ways we could try to do the last bit of work here. Thankfully those heated discussions produced a solution and a goal.

What does all of that mean?

For the next little while, this space will focus more on budgeting and saving money. I have some very specific goals that I want to meet by this time next year and improving my personal finances is a very big part of that. Now that I know what my goal is, I think finding my direction should be a lot easier.


Author: Vanessa D.

Thirteen years ago, I was newly separated with a leaky faucet. I bought a new cartridge and came home to turn off the water while asking myself "What's the worst that could happen?" and got started. The worst that has ever happened is I've accidentally reversed the hot & cold and had to turn the water back off to fix it. Since then I've taught myself how to do as much as I can, because waiting for Prince Charming is not an option. I'm not so great at relationships, but I can handle this single thing and so can you.

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  1. Your goals sound really good, Vanessa. Your message, how-to posts are empowering for the divorced woman. Keep up the good work. Hope your house improvements are a success along with your budgeting.
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